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You Know You Are in MLM, Network marketing or Affiliate Marketing When …

You Know You Are in MLM, Network marketing or Affiliate Marketing When …


  • The first people you ask to join are your family
  • You can’t wait until your neighbor’s hot daughter turns 18 ………. so you can recruit her!
  • When Jack Bastide is on your FB friends list
  • You have a garage full of Algae Pills, Skin Creams and weight loss Shakes
  • When you keep saying “get three and it’s free”
  • You get voice broadcasted daily
  • When you start making a list of everyone you know…
  • When all you focus on is becoming Diamond
  • When you always use other people’s stories
  • When you have a bunch of charges on your credit card statement from some Guy named Big AL
  • When two hot chicks ask if you want to do a 3 way… and you think they are talking about a phone call
  • When you see someone you haven’t seen in a couple of months and they ask “are you still doing _________??” when they’ve NEVER bought from you. Um, yeah, been doing it for 13 years, thanks for asking.
  • When you get calls out if the blue from people you barely know who want to “catch up”
  • When your rep keeps looking out the door or window saying “I know they are going to show up” (referring to their guest) who 60% of the time no-shows.
  • When you promise someone brownies but never send them.
  • You think Bobby Coleman Tar’Lese Rideaux Diane Hochman Franco Gonzalez and Rob Fore are badass
  • You sign up the AT&T customer service rep as your newest brand partner (just happened today) *this call may be
    *When you know what 6-4-2 means.
  • When you know that STP isn’t just an oil additive!
  • When nobody in your family will return your phone call.
  • Robert Blackman when you spend the house payment on an ad!
  • When you rush your fast start check to the bank before it closes to cover a hot check!
  • You count circles instead of sheep at night.
  • When you look up the definition if “residual” and realize that’s just wrong!
  • When your Viagra lasts longer than you’re personally sponsored
  • You’ve prospected over 1000 people personally, showed “the plan” over 300 times, sponsored 100+ reps, and built a down line of a few hundred people that all QUIT… and you’re up line tells You “keep going, it’s a numbers game!” LMAO
  • When you tell your wife you are making phone calls but play video poker until midnight!
  • When u refer (duck) to someone else in the company that’s earning big $$ rather thank your own results.
  • When Ur nickname is “scammer”
  • The Shiny Bright Object Syndrome never ends, loll.
  • You cringe every time you turn on your computer.
  • Get a job to look for new recruits.
  • You’re stuck in the Eroom…
  • When you miss a commission check because your authorship was declined.
  • When your spouse calls you and you do a three way call with your sponsor out if habit.
  • When you think it’s ok to ask everybody you meet how much money they are making
  • When you use “Form” everywhere on everybody.
  • When your wife turns you down for sex you say: “Honey, I know how you FEEL, I FELT that way before, but here’s what I FOUND…”
  • When you hear the words “Pre-Launch” you immediately go into a convulsion on the “Ground Floor” and lose your mind by joining yet another program you know nothing about!
  • When you make MORE money with your EBay account selling your garage full of products than you do with your MLM commission check!
  • The only way your wife can wake you up is with the smell of a dry erase marker pen…
  • When you have to rent an extra self-storage unit because of your leftover auto ship product!
  • If you’re in a nutritional/ weight loss company and you’re the leader presenting on stage but still fat! Ha-ha
    *You think 3 who get 3, who get 3 will make you rich!

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The difference between Associate and Consultants for Work from Home Businesses

The difference between network marketing and affiliate marketing. Are they the same in MLM or different?

I wanted to know between both of them and which would be suitable.


There are many people in the world, whether they frequent the internet or not, that make the mistake of saying that affiliate marketing and MLM or multi-level marketing, are one and the same. They are, in actual fact, totally different, and here is a brief reason why.

Firstly, MLM marketing has been around for a lot longer than most people think. This type of marketing can be done offline, and many people still do today when selling baby products for someone else. This is what a multilevel marketer does. They become associated with a certain product that they like or believe in, which they then buy from their supplier and resell to the public at a profit. As you can see, MLM is simply having a small franchise of a large business.

The reason that it is called MULTI level marketing is because if you are a marketer, you can then start your own chain of marketers. This is called a down line. What would happen is that you buy your products from your supplier at a discounted price and sell them at market value, but if you have a friend that also wants to start this business he or she can buy their batch of products directly from you, instead of going to your supplier. In this way you can make more money, because you will sell them to him or her at a slightly higher rate in order to make a profit.

This can continue, but what most people do not realize is that the further down the line you go, the less money you make. This type of marketing technique can be difficult to sustain for a long period of time.

Affiliate marketing is totally different. You are not selling any products directly. You are simply the mouthpiece, or the advertising board that tells people where to go and buy products. You will not have to purchase anything, but you will still make money just for telling people where to go to get a product. Affiliates get a commission when the person that they refer to a website buys something, so in this way the company is paying for a good lead and they will pay generously.

Another difference between affiliates and MLM’s is that all affiliates get paid the same amount of commission. Instead of people joining on the bottom of a line, they join into an adjacent line. You can find that affiliates will get paid an extra amount if they refer more affiliates, but this will be a once off commission and they will not have any further dealings with the affiliate. Sometimes companies will reward affiliates who get other affiliates by paying a small commission when their affiliate generates a sale. This amount however, is totally separate to the new affiliate’s amount. They will still get paid as much as older affiliates.

If you think about it this way; the MLM style of marketing is direct sales for a product, whereas affiliate marketing is an advertisement telling people where to buy a product.



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Would love to hear Your Opinion

I would like to start a discussion on paying people to join your business, their initial sign on fee. I know it seems like a brilliant idea but I want to share why it can backfire and hurt your business.


When you pay for people to join your business you are giving them a way to start a business with no investment. What do people do when they are not invested? They figure I will “try” but if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t matter, because they have not invested in anything. It is not the best for your business if you are adding a bunch of people who are basically looking for a lottery ticket.


I would say look for people who are willing to invest, time and some money, who understand the power of a home business and understand that a business will take work.


Ok, this is a discussion. Let’s hear your thoughts on this.




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Do you have a Passion for what you are doing?

Do you and your home business have a purpose?


Are you a giver and would love to be part of a company that aligns itself with your values and sparks your passions.

Did you know that people join direct sales companies for all kinds of reasons – they love the products, the consultant that introduced them to the business, or the compensation plan. But, when you join a business that has no purpose, it can be difficult for your business to flourish. Why? Because if you are not doing something that provides good to the world and you are not feeling passionate about what you do, it can be difficult to get motivated to work your business and therefore you will not see success and happiness.

Is it a joy to wake up in the morning and look forward to working your business? Do you love what we do and look forward to promoting YOURSELF and your business?

The consumer can see right through your enthusiasm or lack of it. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should they?

Some tips for your work from home business.

Have a Passion for what you are doing.

Show people that they matter.

Ask how they are doing.

Develop a common bond with them.

Be in a good, positive mood, and enthusiastic.

Brighten people’s day.

Make people feel better

Send a positive message to the world.

A SMILE is contagious.

These are just a few, demeanors that others can pick-up from you.

Be Positive about everything you do today, even if you have to pay bills or go to the grocery store. Being miserable is not going to make it any better. STAY POSITIVE, and watch the change in your life.


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Home Based Business & A Roadside Stand


 I realize that this is a Work from Home / Home based Business opportunities Blog. And I know that I have had tremendous success with building my Work from Home businesses.

However, I am a believer in the idea that in order to succeed at Work from Home you have to get out there, in the real world, and pound the pavement, and meet people

Here is a story that happened between Tammye (my wife/business partner) and me one day while driving down a road.

Tammye: “That looks like a great place to sell one of our products.”

Me: “Mmm-hmmm. Honey, we’re on vacation.”

Tammye: “Still. I betcha we could earn some money.”

This was the beginning of Tammye’s devious plan – to sell our products at a roadside stand even in front of our house; she even formulated a detailed report that teaches others exactly how to do it themselves.

A Roadside stand actually ended up being a great place to make some cash, getting customers, handing out info, catalogs, and recruiting.

You can do this just about wherever and whenever – no schedule needed. No high cost vendor payments by their schedule.

Even a small EZup in your front yard, with a table and a few displays, catalogs, samples on it. Gives you the freedom to choose.

You don’t have to put out a bunch of yard sale signs or even man it all day. If someone stops, you just stop what you’re doing, and go make a sale or even recruit a new associate.

If someone in your neighborhood is having a yard/garage sale, you don’t have to do the advertising, or even put up signs all over the neighborhood, let the yard/garage sale people do it.

Real Estate Agents Use this tactic all the time, when they have an Open House, they let the other agent do the advertising and leg work. They read about it in the paper when it is going to be and show up at the house they are selling down the road, with their sign. They call it (Piggy Backing). He gets all the advertising and the posting of signs directing people to their sale for FREE.

The America people have a tendency to stop and check out things like that. That’s called throwing the bait out and then hooking them once they stop to check it out. Aside from that, it’s a great way to get some exposure in your community.

Bringing our products to others with a roadside stand and getting them started with their own business. Join and you could be doing the same thing.

Ready to join? Awesome! Sign up here.

Good thing we are both retired. Any questions, just hit one of the links below….Emmanuel…






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Finding the answers?

Sometimes you’re not going to find all the answers on Facebook, twitter, blogs, or any other social media. Sometimes you just have to stop and pray and ask Jesus to guide you. That shows not only faith in your business, yourself, but in God Almighty. Then your prayers will be answered…Lv…E…


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How many differences can you spot?


How many differences can you spot?

Leave your answers as a comment

Thank You