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About Myself: First things first, I am a Christian and I put my Lord Jesus above anything else in my life. I’m not ashamed to speak, show or convey it. If that offends you so be it.

I intend for my Blogs to reflect my Christian values, in my personal and business life.

I do not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those that do.

I am not here to preach to you, this is a Business Blog. And I will stay in those parameters.

You will always see me sign my name with an “Lv” in front.

That stands for LOVE. My Dad always said Hate and Love are both four letter word, I prefer LOVE = Lv. I will also sign, …E… or Eman they both stand for Emmanuel.

I am a Retired Army Officer and my wife is a Retired Teacher.

We manage five businesses at home and have been very successful. Not only are we husband and wife, but also Owners, Partners, Coworkers, a Team, the whole package.

You cannot but a price on time, and that is what working from home has done for us.

We learn every day from working at home, we have been doing it for five years now. But we are never too old or too experienced to learn something new every day.

Let’s have Fun, Learn, Network, Help, Share, and have just an all-around good experience for everyone…



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