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Home Based Business & A Roadside Stand

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 I realize that this is a Work from Home / Home based Business opportunities Blog. And I know that I have had tremendous success with building my Work from Home businesses.

However, I am a believer in the idea that in order to succeed at Work from Home you have to get out there, in the real world, and pound the pavement, and meet people

Here is a story that happened between Tammye (my wife/business partner) and me one day while driving down a road.

Tammye: “That looks like a great place to sell one of our products.”

Me: “Mmm-hmmm. Honey, we’re on vacation.”

Tammye: “Still. I betcha we could earn some money.”

This was the beginning of Tammye’s devious plan – to sell our products at a roadside stand even in front of our house; she even formulated a detailed report that teaches others exactly how to do it themselves.

A Roadside stand actually ended up being a great place to make some cash, getting customers, handing out info, catalogs, and recruiting.

You can do this just about wherever and whenever – no schedule needed. No high cost vendor payments by their schedule.

Even a small EZup in your front yard, with a table and a few displays, catalogs, samples on it. Gives you the freedom to choose.

You don’t have to put out a bunch of yard sale signs or even man it all day. If someone stops, you just stop what you’re doing, and go make a sale or even recruit a new associate.

If someone in your neighborhood is having a yard/garage sale, you don’t have to do the advertising, or even put up signs all over the neighborhood, let the yard/garage sale people do it.

Real Estate Agents Use this tactic all the time, when they have an Open House, they let the other agent do the advertising and leg work. They read about it in the paper when it is going to be and show up at the house they are selling down the road, with their sign. They call it (Piggy Backing). He gets all the advertising and the posting of signs directing people to their sale for FREE.

The America people have a tendency to stop and check out things like that. That’s called throwing the bait out and then hooking them once they stop to check it out. Aside from that, it’s a great way to get some exposure in your community.

Bringing our products to others with a roadside stand and getting them started with their own business. Join and you could be doing the same thing.

Ready to join? Awesome! Sign up here.

Good thing we are both retired. Any questions, just hit one of the links below….Emmanuel…







Author: emanulicious

Retired from the Army. Married to Tammye Honey and happily reside in a small rural area just outside of Ft. Campbell KY and Clarksville TN. We have several businesses that we run from our home. Ask me about them.

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